Really like the simplicity of the message here from @crisis_uk
#endhomelessness #charity #community
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At this time of year we get enquiries asking how to help people who are rough sleeping. Here are some tips but first - talk to them. Introduce yourself & ask their name. Then ask what they need rather than buying something only to find they can't use it. It's only polite.


Are you or is someone you know facing eviction or homeless?
AHAG provides housing advice and support to any person over the age of 18 years, who is defined as not in priority need.
Drop in times and locations

If you are over the age of 18 years and are homeless or facing homelessness come and chat to someone from AHAG for some free, confidential advice.

You can also contact us on 01296 435026 for advice. Please note that we do not have a list of landlords, but we will support you in looking at your housing options and assist you making referrals or looking for private landlords.


If you are rough sleeping, or have concerns about someone sleeping rough, you can contact:

Aylesbury Homeless Action Group
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Really like the simplicity of the message here from Crisis

#endhomelessness #charity #community